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Important Facts

Air Duct Cleaning

Why Should I Have My Air Ducts Cleaned?

  • If you suffer from Allergies remember that air ducts accumulate dust and other contaminants over a period of months/years.
  • If you’re concerned with being energy efficient understand that the build up of dust and dirt can reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.
  • If you have replaced your heating and cooling system recently you surely would not want to have a nice new unit connected and operating to dirty Ductwork!
  • If you have pets in your home you can be assured that hair and pet dander have made their way into the Ductwork system.
  • If you dust your home and in only a few days the dust seems to have returned having your Ducts cleaned will make a significant difference.
  • If you just built or moved in to new construction or remodeled structure, ducts will need to be cleaned to remove drywall dust and construction debris.

How The Duct System Gets Dirty?

Majority of homes have inefficient filtration systems! Contaminants build up inside the Supply and Return Ductwork. Heating and Cooling Systems recirculate the air in a home via both of these Air Ducts. Also homes do not need to be old to have concerns of dirty ductwork. When New Homes are constructed the systems are often turned on which pull and circulate construction dust through out the home. Not all Builders take the proper steps to seal off the system and/or clean the system before the new owners move in.

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